Anyone who liked Blues and the Basset Hound...

2008-04-16 18:36:09 by Peptotrippin

I appreciate the love you sent me.

I got some new stuff, I'm pretty proud of it.

Only thing is that I try to upload, it never loads.


But yeah, there will be some groovin' tunes in the future, so keep a look out!



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2008-06-05 06:00:44

Glad to hear you've got some new stuff on the way. Love blues n the basset, great work.


2008-08-26 22:40:12

Can't wait to hear em, I seriously have all of your songs on my ipod lol. Looking forward to more great stuff


2008-09-07 04:15:14

GROOVAY MAN yeah hmm it wont load

does it say not a valid mp3 file?? pm me!

-Tomashcu- DJ POWER (OSG)


2008-10-04 21:06:09

How long in the future?
I have been waiting about 4 months, it is starting to get tired waiting, perhaps you have just forgotten Newgrounds...
Well, if that is the case, good bye!
You have made such a great impact with your work and I think it is just incredible what you've done!
Thank you!!!

Peptotrippin responds:

New musick is up!