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I want to mix up some dnb for a cd of covers, and I'm not sure if anyone would be down with it on here in particular. Breath of Fire 3 was on the list.

Best of the Week?!

2008-01-17 01:08:34 by Peptotrippin

Thank you, Newgrounds!

Man, I am PUMPED!


I never know how people are going to react to my musick, I don't really know how to make musick of one genre, no one ever knows what to make of it.

Mmm, Stay tuned.

- ConTheBassmaster

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Best of the Week?!

Hello Neighbors pt 2

2007-12-31 02:29:59 by Peptotrippin

My new song, "Dr. Doomsday Versus Mr. Sinister, the sinister minister," is up. Please review and vote!


2007-12-30 03:46:40 by Peptotrippin

Someone rated my newest song a ZERO, without giving a review. Mean spirited people!

Hello neighbors!

2007-12-28 05:15:39 by Peptotrippin

Hello Newgrounds. Welcome to my little piece of the community. I hope you enjoy the musicks